This workbook is a compilation of almost twenty-five years of working professionally with people who have been physically and sexually abused as children. They have taught me about the courage and the resiliency of the human body and spirit through the darkest of the dark. Our souls learn and/or bring forth healing to ourselves and to others in some dramatic ways. Healing from trauma is not only completely possible, but a true reality through Creator-of-All. You might not find this statement in conventional psychological textbooks, but I know it to be true. It is my own personal experience and in witnessing with others. 

For several years now, friends in the ThetaHealing® community have asked me to write down how I work with my clients who have been abused. I kept saying that it’s too much to empty my brain with all that I’ve experienced in this field. I didn’t have time because I was writing two other books, teaching workshops, working privately with clients, and dancing on a salsa team. I wanted to make sure there was a time to sleep. 

After teaching an Advance workshop in June ’09, as so much abuse memories had surfaced for the participants, I decided to give the class some quick ways to be present and work with other students. When the class was over, those who were interested could stay and take notes. It was only a half of a page.

Afterwards, I decided to type what I had jotted down and out came this flowing stream of information. For most part of July, I stayed up to 3 AM writing to my heart’s content. It was so peaceful and relaxing to just let this information and inspiration finally take form. My shoulders didn’t even get tight from being at the computer for hours. I just felt so blessed that my fingers can type fast and that I have a Capricornian organizational mind because the end result truly surprised me. Writing, for me, is like digging on beliefs… you don’t know where it’s all going to go, but you somehow trust you’re guided, and there is a completion that will make a shift in consciousness whether it be mine or someone else’s. 

I want to thank Creator-of-All for the inspiration and healing IT continues to make available to me. To Vianna for giving me a most precious gift, in taking me “up” to remember my connection to Creator-of-All and teaching me ThetaHealing®. To Sidnee Cox, Eric Brumett, Beth Rachel, and Jane Pritchard for their loving support and listening ears. And to all my clients whose courage and amazing strength to heal continue to inspire me–my deepest gratitude for sharing the depth of your lives with me.




This workbook is geared toward assisting ThetaHealing® practitioners to work with clients who have trauma due to sexual and/or physical abuse using educational and practical techniques connected to Creator-of-All. 

I realize that psychological and emotional abuse can create enormous devastation. I feel that the regular ThetaHealing® courses give plenty of support in working with emotional trauma. I have grouped psychological abuse under physical abuse, though I won’t be covering it specifically. There will also be several other kinds of abuse mentioned later, though they too will not be covered at this time. 

Due to the vastness of the field of abuse, I will only briefly go over the types of physical and sexual abuse, physiological issues, signs of abuse, types of memories, how memories are repressed, False Memory Foundation, techniques in healing that can be Creator directed, forgiveness, moving beyond, and your responsibility as a minister/ ThetaHealer® in reporting abuse. My purpose is really to give some easy guidelines to help you be the best facilitator possible when digging and trauma presents itself, is discovered, or you feel the client is ready to deal with the abuse that you “see” intuitively. 

In being part of the Theta community since 1998, I have not only seen but have had others tell me of their experiences with teachers, practitioners, and students who were unable to help them when deep sexual or physical abuse issues surfaced during a session or class. I have also personally experienced other practitioners being unable to hold a safe and supportive “container” to process memories or find the beliefs below the memories. Clients have been abandoned mid-session in tears, told that what they were experiencing wasn’t true or a past life (when it was from their childhood) or left dissociated and ungrounded. I am not sharing this to make others wrong. We, as ThetaHealers®, need to be educated and emotionally prepared for whatever issues surface during a session. We are responsible for clearing our own issues so we can stay fully present for others. 

Theta teachers have reported their fears of working with students or clients who have deep-seated trauma. “What do I do?” “Where do I go with this?” As with any part of ThetaHealing®, whether it be “seeing” a disease you’ve never witnessed before or identifying an organ psychically, having a context for what you have witnessed through Creator-of-All can make all the difference. 

It is my sincerest desire to empower the ThetaHealing® community in being fully present to release fears in working with clients (or yourself) with childhood abuse issues, and to help the community be informed so we can step into sessions with supportive skills and confidence. 

I realize that many practitioners want to limit the type of clientele that they work with, but considering that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men have been sexually abused under the age of 181 , and there are 1.7 million reports of child abuse each year [the number of reported cases is small compared with the number of actual cases]2, your chances of no one coming in with these issues are slim. 

For teachers, look around your classroom and realize that quite a few people have been abused and may not know it. Do you realize that over 95% of people in Alcoholics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous or Debtors Anonymous (those with addictions) have been abused?3 Sexual and physical abuse affects every area of our lives whether it happened to us or to another. You can see that the world has a great deal of healing to clear and each one of us can help be part of that transformation in the highest and best way if we choose. 

Trauma and abuse can start not only in the womb but in memories from other lifetimes that are stored in the body. I’m sure many of you have experienced the healing of “past life” memories that got stuck in the body and in the consciousness. But trauma that is repressed in this lifetime gets confused with being a past life experience quite often. Vianna has said that people find it easier to go to a past life than wanting to deal with what happened in this lifetime. 

My focus, though, is to share techniques that will help those who have either conscious or repressed trauma from this lifetime to release memories and feelings to the surface, and clear completely. This entails helping the client feel safe enough to deal with the trauma whether cognizant of it or not. 

I realize that there are many schools of thought about this process. There are researchers, therapists and Theta practitioners who feel that memories of past incidences of abuse are insignificant in helping a person be present and should just be by-passed. This is similar to what one may often hear in a dysfunction family, “Get on with your life!” I beg to differ in saying that avoidance is not a good way to heal. Practitioners as well as clients are afraid to go deep. I have heard Theta Teachers say “You are just stuck in mind candy.” This statement is not going to give a safe place for revealing the client’s history and release the memories and beliefs. Would a practitioner say this to a person who is dying from cancer? Trauma and abuse is indeed part of the earthly paradigm in time and space. Vianna has repeatedly shared that if a client doesn’t want to look at the past and only at the present, there are issues in the past. 

Some feel that remembering past traumatic incidences will put the person in trauma again. This could happen if not properly facilitated. For the practitioners who witness another’s traumatic memories, it is also possible for them to experience secondary Post Traumatic Syndrome4 if they are ungrounded in being a witness to the client’s history. Your strong connection to Creator-of-All and clearing your own issues will make you a superb facilitator. 

There are groups of scientists and researchers who feel traumatic memories should be eliminated chemically. In fact, there are pills and brainwashing techniques to do just this.5 6 I’m in deep gratitude for those who have spoken against such means because it is already being misused covertly. If you have ever seen the movie ‘Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind”, realize that this kind of technology does exist and is used for purposes of memory erasing and mind control.7 

There are a few who feel that every traumatic memory we’ve ever had has to be processed. This perception will keep a client having a life of stress with little hope for creating something better. Again, I say that it depends on how this process of remembering and healing is facilitated that will affect the client in the highest and best way. I am a proponent of remembering what the Spirit/Soul feels it’s to release. I feel that there is a timing of one’s process and the information will release to remember in its proper timing and sequence. Healing from deep seated trauma is a God Process meaning that one’s willingness with Creator leads the way. 

The Ego, though, can easily sabotage or block the remembering to continue the illusion of a false reality which appears to feel safe. Vianna once said that forgetting takes more energy than to remember. Can you imagine what happens to the body in repressing trauma? Can you imagine a pressure cooker of energy? Are you aware that many of the immune suppression diseases can be linked to childhood abuse?8 

Truth is not difficult to remember, or witness in healing if we stay connected to Creator-of-All. It’s denial, projection and internalization (self blame) that creates havoc.

Beliefs to Clear

Beliefs to test/dig/clear for ThetaHealing® teachers and practitioners that might have fears of working with clients who were physically or sexually abused. 

◊ I fear working with physical abuse issues in others. 
◊ I fear guiding clients to physical abuse memories that are unknown.
◊ I fear working with sexual abuse issues in others .
◊ I fear guiding clients to sexual abuse memories that are unknown.
◊ I fear working on issues that may be buried within myself around sexual abuse…physical abuse.
◊ It’s easier to forget than to remember. ◊ I will be hurt if I work with clients who have been abused.
◊ Clients who have been abused are damaged (we are to see their wholeness).
◊ The effects of physical abuse are impossible to completely heal.
◊ The effects of sexual abuse are impossible to completely heal.
◊ Physical abuse has to take a long time to heal.
◊ Physical abuse takes a long time to heal.
◊ Sexual abuse has to take a long time to heal.
◊ Sexual abuse takes a long time to heal.
◊ It’s my client’s fault that they were abused.
◊ Physical abuse cleanses humanity (males, females) of their sins.
◊ Sexual abuse cleanses humanity (males, females) of their sins.
◊ Creator is absent (for others/for me) when abuse occurs.
◊ Creator abandons others/me, when trauma/abuse occurs.

Teachings for ThetaHealing® Teachers and Practitioners

Teachings for ThetaHealing® Teachers and Practitioners
(through Creator’s perspective, understanding and/or definition)
[in all cases, w/ means “with” and w/o means “without”] 

◊ I know what it feels like and how to be safe in working with people who have been physically abused/sexually abused.
◊ I know when I am safe to work with people who have been physical abused/sexually abused.
◊ I know what it feels like, how to, and when to hold a safe space for others to reveal physical abuse memories/sexual abuse memories.
◊ I know what it feels like and how to be safe when others reveal physical abuse memories/sexual abuse memories.
◊ I know how to listen to one who has been physically abused/sexually abused, without feeling traumatized.
◊ I know what it feels like and how to feel confident in being present while staying connected to Creator with clients who have been physically abused/sexually abused. 
◊ I know what it feels like and how to live w/o secondary PTSD.
◊ I know what it feels like and how to be emotionally prepared to work with physically abused clients, with sexually abused clients.
◊ I know how to work with people who have been physically or sexually abused w/o anxiety, without fear.
◊ I understand that Creator-of-All orchestrates and is present for every session I do with a client